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this gallery is updated frequently, so check back if you like pics of mashed bikes.

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true story about hipsters

a true story about stupid williamsburg hipsters.

» read | posted: 2009-09-22

critical mass

i'm tired of hearing about bicyclists being arrested and beaten up by cops high on overtime pay.

» read | posted: 2008-09-06

cochon: gallery

the bikes of new york

bikes, bikes everywhere. track bikes, 3 speeds, delivery bikes, messenger bikes. williamsburg, east village, etc.

» view gallery | posted: 2008-08-31

getting doored

what to do when somebody doors you.

» read | posted: 2008-08-27

more williamsburg fixed gear attitude

another encounter with a williamsburger

» read | posted: 2007-09-24

hipsters on track bikes

hipster + track bike = tard

» read | posted: 2007-05-09

cochon: gallery

the pine creek trail on bicycle

pennsylvania's pine creek trail in 2005. a very nice trail, one of my faves.

» view gallery | posted: 2007-04-25

cochon: gallery

great allegheny passage on a bicycle

rode my bicycle from pittsburgh to washington d.c. through some of the worst flooding in pennsylvania in 100 years. all told, a fantastic trail, highly recommended.

» view gallery | posted: 2007-04-20

biking disaster-part 1

my first bike tour was a disaster. don't go on vacation in france in august. you are only asking for trouble.

» read | posted: 2006-05-12




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